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We are a family owned business who have aspired to own a Monster Truck for some 25 years. This day finally came in October 2011. After the long voyage from America & release from customs, we finally got her home on Australia Day 2012.

Aussie BlackJack used to be a car crushing Monster Truck & even though she can still do that whenever we want or need to, rides & promo work is what we have in mind.

Aussie BlackJack is a unique Monster Truck being that it has been fitted with seats and seat belts to take passengers for rides as well as all other Monster Truck things.

 The Monster Truck

Chassis: Custom Modified
Body: F100
Engine: V8 460 Bigblock Tunnel Ram
Trans: C6 Trans, Profab transfer case
Diffs: Narrowed Rockwell 5 tonne ex-military axles
Steering: Front and rear
Brakes: Discs
Tyres: 66"/43"/25"
Weight: 6 Tonne
Power: Estimated 700HP
Supercharger: Weiand 8-71

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If you wish to purchase any of our merchandise please email us at rolla@aussieblackjack.com.au with the product(s) and sizing and we will get right back to you.

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